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How we can help by becoming your partnering adviser

Partnering is now a widely used and often misunderstood concept within the construction industry.  It is our view that the role of a Partnering Adviser goes well beyond the definitions set down in the various partnering contracts.

We have advised many partnering teams on both the advantages (and shortfalls) of the partnering approach.  Indeed, the Practice offered pre-publication advice to Trowers & Hamlins solicitors, drafters of the ACA TPC 2005 Standard Contract Form.

The Practice acts in the Partnering Adviser role on a number of long-term highly successful partnering arrangements.

Partnering works best in long-term arrangements and the results can be well beyond the expectations of the parties at the outset. The Partnering Adviser role brings together a number of the key skills usually employed in more traditional Quantity Surveying and Contract Administrator roles, such as:

  • Expert guidance and advice to both client and service provider/constructor
  • Value engineering of processes to maximise outputs and minimise waste
  • Jointly establishing targets and key performance indicators (KPI’s)
  • Monitoring performance against objectives and KPI’s
  • Collaborative working to achieve continuous improvement
  • Monitoring productivity and financial performance via rigorous open book inspections of accounts
  • Regular reporting to keep you informed of progress

Term Contracts

We have a long and successful track record in delivering term contracts for our clients which, in recent years, are often linked to our skills and advice on appropriate Partnering arrangements.

In our opinion, successful term contracts result from very careful early consideration and documentation of the desired outcomes.

Term contracts are all too often administratively intensive and carry high overheads as a consequence.  The skills of the consultant are to devise a term arrangement that maximises outputs and minimises wasted and unnecessary associated activities.

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